I worked on this project at the end of last year in December 2022. The client had a unique business unit that I just learned about while working on this project. He founded Pop Up Party Solutions, an events company providing inflatable nightclubs and silent disco DJ sets. Currently the nightclub is the mainstay, but in the future they will also serve homecomings, proms, after parties, birthday parties, family gatherings, etc. So the target market is various ages and types of clients ranging from teenagers, adults, friends, to families.

The main idea of the logo comes from a colorful disco ball which are synonymous with a party atmosphere. I combined it with an inflatable pop up tent, to represent what this business would serve.

When using the main logo, adequate and equal spacing must be provided on all sides of the logo. These distances are all measured from the edge of the letters, not measured from the disco light hanger. This is intended to maintain the mass point of the logo, so that it is comfortable to see.
There are 2 secondary logos. The first logo is an icon version that can be used as a social media profile photo, website favicon, mobile application, and so on. Meanwhile, the second logo is a solid version of the main logo. By eliminating the gradient effect, this will increase the visibility of the logo when applied to media that cannot process many colors.
The fonts I chose have rounded edges, to emphasize a welcoming and friendly impression, because this business serves customers of various backgrounds and ages.
The main color palette is dark blue combined with white for a contrasting appearance. Other complementary colors are quite varied and colorful, in accordance with the diversity of services offered by Pop Up Party Solutions.
The photo at the top is what the logo looks like when applied to an inflatable pop up tent (photographed by Deric Bailey). Below is what the logo looks like when applied to the side of a headset (video snapshoot from Pop Up Party Solutions Facebook page).

Pop Up Party Solutions made their debut in March 2023, on Main Street Martinsburg, West Virginia, USA. You can visit the website partysolutionswv.com or Facebook page facebook.com/popupartysolutions to know more about Pop Up Party Solutions.

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