I worked on this project in August 2019, and it became one of my favorite designs that year. The client wanted to create logo for a cafe named RanSacked Board Game Lounge & Escape Rooms that located in Worthing, UK. The target market is the millennial audience, which consists of enthusiasts and newcomers. The client wanted the logo to convey a family, inclusivity, and friendly; while communicating an atmosphere of luxury.
Both board game and escape room elements must be present in the logo. I tried combining a piece (as board game element) and maze (as escape room element). For the logo style, the client wanted a retro-modern look with strong lines.
In the first revision, the client wanted the main image to be more easily recognized, like the rook from chess. Clients also want to try adding other elements such as the letter "R" or a keyhole.
Second revision, the client wanted to try a new form: a board game meeple. To make the meeple more interesting, I shape it to resemble a star, more closer to the game world.
Finally, the chosen logo was the result of the first revision earlier. I tidied up some of the graphic elements, then wrapped the logo in an emblem to give a retro impression. For the coloring, I chose orange and teal according to the client's request with vibrant and bold color tones, giving a modern impression.
The client wanted the logomark and logotype can be used separately. So the logomark can be used for profile photos, favicon, and other small media. Logotype can be used on banners, promo board headers, etc. Then the entire logo can also be easily converted into a single color version for use on stickers or stamps.
I chose Bebas Neue for the main text font because I think the character is a mix of retro and modern styles. I warp little bit in the bottom part to improve the retro feel. Then for the tagline font, I used Montserrat because it has a good level of readability (considering that the tagline of this logo is quite long).
I was very happy when I found out that the logo I designed was actually placed on the building facade and several objects inside the cafe. (Photos taken from horsham-gamers.co.uk)
The logo also placed on promo boards, menu books, and t-shirts. (Photos taken from instagram.com/ransackedltd)
It was a pleasure working on this project, working with a communicative and cooperative client. Unfortunately when I tried to track down how the cafe is doing now, the article at sussexexpress.co.uk stated that the condition of the cafe was struggling to survive because it was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Their last Instagram post in August 2021 also stated that they had closed. It's quite sad, but I'm also proud to have been a part of RanSacked Board Game Lounge & Escape Rooms' incredible journey and the great team behind it.

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