This is a project I worked on in March 2021. The client requested a logo design for Recycled Movie Costumes, a website dedicated to finding and documenting the life of a costume through its various appearances in several films and TV series.
The client wanted elements related to “sewing” and “film” included, and avoided the use of masks (these elements are overused in film-related logos). After some brainstorming, I finally came up with a combination of measuring tape and film strip.
I arranged measuring tape and film strips into a symbol of infinity, that tell about the same costume being used over and over again in the movie industry infinitely. If we look closely at the logo, there is a difference between the width of the logomark and the logotype. This is intended to maintain the optical balance.
For the font, I used Montserrat. This is my favorite font that works well with the Recycled Movie Costumes logo imagery.
I used a slightly dark gold to emphasize a classic but luxurious impression, then I combined it with a black background. Logos can be easily adapted to various backgrounds, or stand alone in small sizes for icons, profile photos, watermarks, and so on.
The logo design that I created is currently being used as a sub-logo on the website, visit the site to see it live and also check out interesting contents from Recycled Movie Costumes!

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